Saturday, August 15, 2009

social service with nirmaan

hello everybody,
today is an unforgettable day for I joined "NIRMAAN CLUB".it is a club that serves for non-profit helps the society to improve with the little individual efforts of our club.I am in 2nd year right now.Last year I missed to join it.But this time the recruitment process was different.We had to go through GD(group discussion) and PI (personal interview). well,this is not as organized and difficult as in IIM(Indian institute of management) but definitely it is a good recruitment process.

well,I got a message in the morning that I am a part of it and I can join the meeting today.I went there and we were told to assemble in afternoon to visit a village near our campus.It was about a survey in which we had to go houses of village in groups of 3 people. we had to know about the basic problems of village and their source of income.It was my first time and I was quite excited.

finally we reached there and as soon as we started asking villagers we saw the their problems.I had seen almost same problems in my village also.But listening their problems was a different experience. I saw that many parents wanted to send their children school but they could not afford the fee. Also there was not any government school above 5th grade.I really felt that we should do something for it.At least I am ready.But I have not figured out what and how I should do it.

today is 15th august.its our independence day.but I saw that children were not independent.But this is my first day in "nirmaan". I have time to think.well, nirmaan is not just this. for more about it visit nirmaan official site.