Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala performance on Deepak's Laptop

hello friends,
today i saw the performance of ubuntu 9.10(karmic koala).I didn't install it but my friend did in front of me.He had ubuntu 9.04 installed, so he tried to upgrade to 9.10 instead of installing.So, he made bootable USB of alternate disk.But, sadly we couldn't upgrade it.instead,we had installed 9.10 into separate partition. now he had 3 OS.
Finally we started testing it.First we tried to use pidgin client which wasn't there and we saw empathy.Empathy has become default IM client now in ubuntu.Still we downloaded pidgin and run.well, empathy is good change, i must say.Next we tried DC client and it was okay okay.And then accidently we removed open office for which he was blaming me. But I was only trying to install vlc.
Most of the things are same and it is showing different performance on different laptops.on acer laptop,my one friend could not use it and on dell studio it has graphics problem.Browsing is as fast as more new thing that i saw was,it asked for internet connection settings before installation which was optional. Rest,everything was good but not much impressive.I still think linuxmint is better option.May be, i should wait for sometime to be more sure.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

linux mint experience

hello friends,

i recently tried windows7 RC version and ubuntu 9.04 jaunty.previously i had windows vista and ubuntu 8.10.So i thought to upgrade ubuntu as i liked it so much.on the other hand,vista compelled me to replace i switched to windows7.definitely it was faster than vista but certainly not stable enough to impress.well, i am not professional in this field to judge accurately but i am interested in trying different and new and efficient products.
It is just a week ago that ubuntu has released its 9.10 karmic alpha version.So, my friends have downloaded it and some have started using this while i am still waiting for its stable version.Last night when i thought to try a new distro of linux, I tried to surf our college website bitsfoss which is a repository of open source stuffs.I downloaded linux mint 7 gloria.I put this in USB and made it bootable through ubuntu's cool application "start up disk".

Finally I used mint as live cd and it was awesome.I just loved it.the display is undoubtedly better than ubuntu.since i have just tried it,i can't say more. But if anybody is really interested,one can visit here.

Now that ubuntu has released its alpha3 of karmic koala, I am excited to compare with it.But first I should wait for its final release.

if anybody reads it, i would ask them to vote for either mint7 or ubuntu9.10 in comment.