Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala performance on Deepak's Laptop

hello friends,
today i saw the performance of ubuntu 9.10(karmic koala).I didn't install it but my friend did in front of me.He had ubuntu 9.04 installed, so he tried to upgrade to 9.10 instead of installing.So, he made bootable USB of alternate disk.But, sadly we couldn't upgrade it.instead,we had installed 9.10 into separate partition. now he had 3 OS.
Finally we started testing it.First we tried to use pidgin client which wasn't there and we saw empathy.Empathy has become default IM client now in ubuntu.Still we downloaded pidgin and run.well, empathy is good change, i must say.Next we tried DC client and it was okay okay.And then accidently we removed open office for which he was blaming me. But I was only trying to install vlc.
Most of the things are same and it is showing different performance on different laptops.on acer laptop,my one friend could not use it and on dell studio it has graphics problem.Browsing is as fast as more new thing that i saw was,it asked for internet connection settings before installation which was optional. Rest,everything was good but not much impressive.I still think linuxmint is better option.May be, i should wait for sometime to be more sure.


  1. About the failure to upgrade: I assume you tried to mount the iso by right-clicking it?

    Empathy is good change. It offers voice chat. But, so does Pidgin now.

    DC Client is the same as in Mint. No more better, no more Worse.

    Which OS doesn't show different performance on different laptop. It's got a better support for Intel On-Board Graphics. Atleast for me.

    Talking about the impressive - It has got Ubuntu One. Better looks than before (Not comparing with Mint). Grub upgraded to Grub2.

    Mint is just a modified with with changed looks. But, my problem is - When people shift to Linux, they want a change from Windows. But, Mint tries to bring in Windows Styled menu. And Green looks. I don't like green. And Ubuntu has moved to Chocolate brown.

  2. thanks a lot.but we tried to upgrade properly dude.I think El demonio has downloaded something else instead of alternate cd.

  3. No. Even, i had upgraded it using the alternate cd. so, had nimish. no problems.

  4. nahi be it works fine...I upgraded 9.04 to Karmic using alternate CD it worked 4 me...nd 9.10 is awesome much faster nd better in looks except 4 the DC client which hangs often nd looks pathetic.
    Deepak mite b having probs coz studio has got ATI raedon which is blacklisted card for compiz....But intel chips should work fine apart frm GME 965 which i hv :( so u can try it without ny fear.