Wednesday, November 4, 2009

linux mint experience

hello friends,

i recently tried windows7 RC version and ubuntu 9.04 jaunty.previously i had windows vista and ubuntu 8.10.So i thought to upgrade ubuntu as i liked it so much.on the other hand,vista compelled me to replace i switched to windows7.definitely it was faster than vista but certainly not stable enough to impress.well, i am not professional in this field to judge accurately but i am interested in trying different and new and efficient products.
It is just a week ago that ubuntu has released its 9.10 karmic alpha version.So, my friends have downloaded it and some have started using this while i am still waiting for its stable version.Last night when i thought to try a new distro of linux, I tried to surf our college website bitsfoss which is a repository of open source stuffs.I downloaded linux mint 7 gloria.I put this in USB and made it bootable through ubuntu's cool application "start up disk".

Finally I used mint as live cd and it was awesome.I just loved it.the display is undoubtedly better than ubuntu.since i have just tried it,i can't say more. But if anybody is really interested,one can visit here.

Now that ubuntu has released its alpha3 of karmic koala, I am excited to compare with it.But first I should wait for its final release.

if anybody reads it, i would ask them to vote for either mint7 or ubuntu9.10 in comment.


  1. dude!! of course ubuntu is the best and the most stable from years. but i would also say that mint is not bad and is improving also. may be some day it comes closer to ubuntu , but never higher.

  2. How can Linux Mint be only close to Ubuntu? It is Ubuntu except with a few extra programs and a new theme (literally). You can make Ubuntu the same as Linux Mint by installing the programs through apt-get and you can download the theme.