Saturday, March 27, 2010

external hard disk drive

hello there,
I recently bought an external hard disk drive of 1TB. great experience till now.It is of 3.5" and so definitely not portable and also requires external power supply.I just roamed around every shop at nehru place(great place for electronics goods in India).Finally I compared brand value and prices of mainly 3-4 companies like WD,seagate,Iomega etc.Finally WD was my choice.same product was available in 2 different packages.One with external power supply and another with USB power supply.price for USB power supply was almost I preferred to take the one with external power supply.With this I got 2 years of on site warranty which I do not think I will need.Today is saturday and customer care center is open from monday to friday only.So I will have to register my product on monday in order to get warranty of 2 years and free telephone service of 30 days.

At last,great product to use and one more do not get 1024 GB by buying 1TB hard drive. you get only 930 GB if you calculate. Multiply (1000/1024)^4 with 1024.

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