Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hello everybody

Today I am trying to do something since morning but couldn't find anything interesting enough.This is the effect of 2&1/2 months holiday.this is the last week before college is going to open for 3rd semester.finally holiday will finish.Again, college routine will start.
Well,in this holiday I read a novel "the shadow lines" by Amitav ghosh.this is about India and Bangladesh division.Very sentimental. I am currently reading "the goal"."The Goal" is truely awesome.I have not finished it yet but till now it's very interesting.hope to finish it before holiday ends as I have to return it to its owner.

hope this week will pass very soon as I feel like college is calling me .well, this post is all about my holiday. Currently i am doing some experiment with linux shell script. Hope next post will be technical.

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