Tuesday, July 14, 2009

restoring grub menu

hi people,
finally pushed myself to write one about a technical issue. recently ,I reinstalled windows vista successfully but after restart i didn't see any grub menu to boot linux(ubuntu).At that instant, i was shocked as i thought linux was gone.Since vista had overwtitten the mbr so it used to boot vista directly.I tried to restore grub menu through a live cd of linux which is done through typing some commands in terminal.Basically, anybody can copy those commands from . But those commands were useless for my system as the "stage1" file was washed away from grub folder.finally,i downloaded an iso image of "super grub disk" and made a cd. then i booted through that cd and everything started working fine.when i saw grub menu again, i was so happy.


  1. nice work... even i was looking for this... keep posting :)

  2. good going brother!!!its pretty much of development of ur tech skills since the 'password reset key' incident took place....

  3. Seriously speaking, I read this post thinking it was something about our Mess Grubs, haha.....and ya, i got no idea wt ur talking still NOT a worthy c6ite yet.

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