Monday, May 3, 2010

Download speed through apt-cacher and dependency problem with downloading so many packages at a time

I am not able to stop experimenting with ubuntu lucid lynx the time I installed it.With the apt-cacher,it's easy to download all the packages that you like.So,I was there with synaptic package manager and kept on selecting large number of packages.Finally I got a collection of 148 packages with 220 MB size.When I started to download,I saw variation of speed which is very common but I would like to point it out by some snap-shots.
1st picture shows the usual speed of download through apt-cacher which is 347 KB/s.2nd one shows unusual high speed 2843 KB/s.

But sometime we suffer low speed also.Just like this.

Now,apart from speed,there is one more thing that I would like to share.Since I selected a lot of packages and started downloading all,I got some installation problem.All the packages were downloaded but couldn't be installed properly.Very less packages were installed because of dependency problem.No idea how did it happen.Probably,when there is a huge number of packages ,some of them might have dependency due to others files in the download list.So,in my view,large number of packages should not be installed at a time.

By the way, I sent these dependencies report to developers officially.Here is one screen-shot which explains it.

Conclusion :- try installing less number of packages at a time.

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