Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Internship :First week

hi all,
Right now I am at nagda(M.P.) for my internship at GRASIM chemicals.It's been a week and I am enjoying it completely.We are a group of 10 students in chemical division.Normally we go to the plant and visit different manufacturing sites.Due to strict discipline, we wear a helmet which we try to put on and off enormous times.Since I came here,1st thing I was looking for was internet connection but didn't find much options at such a place.After so much analysis, we thought to use GPRS connection.I recharged my airtel sim for unlimited plan.But now I have realized that it is in roaming, so it's slower than i had expected.

Finally we have 2 connections and 6 students in our group.So, we are always experimenting with creating shared connections.Sometimes we use LAN wire to connect.Sometimes,we create wireless ad-hoc and sometimes create proxy server(using privoxy).Till now we are having fun.Yesterday we went to ujjain to visit famous "Mahakaleshwar" temple.There we had a funny incident.When we bought the tickets for returning,the train started taking off.We entered into different class due to rush and ended up paying fine for that.Actually it wasn't fine,it was bribe.We were in no position to negotiate ,so we paid the money.We didn't get the receipt but paid less money and became the integral part of corruption.Although we had done no mistake considering the situation.
anyway that was a lesson for all of us.Now we have 50 days more to live at this place.Hope to spend it nicely.

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